Katharine Mcphee 2014

Several months after a photo of Katharine McPhee kissing Michael Morris, her “Smash” director appeared on the news, she has gotten back together with Nick Cokas, her husband. We made the search on Google “Katharine Mcphee 2014” and we found out that the actress has been working a lot on her marriage and she was even spotted walking her dogs with Cokas this week.

TMZ was the first news website which reported the affair between McPhee and Morris who was, at the time, married to Mary McCormak, mother of his three children. After the scandal, Katharine and Nick Cokas were living separated. It was a hard time for the actress since she also ended the romance with her former director.  

Now, McPhee and Cokas are not living together but it’s been reported that they are slowly working on the marriage. Rumor has it that they are going to therapy sessions together and Katharine has been working a lot on getting his producer husband again. They didn’t get a divorce at the time and it’s been said that none of them is interested in resigning the marriage up to the moment. It seems as if they were really trying to make it work and, honestly, we all hope that they do! 

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